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Commentaries on this Media!

First Time...postponed!

by Lee Conderacci

In this scene, childhood friends Quincy and Monica discover and manifest their mutual attraction and affection. This is a first sexual experience for Monica, and she seems a bit nervous and hesitant at times during the encounter. Ultimately, the film presents this as a fully consensual encounter, and reading the two characters' body language, it does seem that both of them are willingly and equally engaging in sex, despite some apparent trepidation on Monica's part.

This scene is essentially wordless, but the silence between the characters seems filled with erotic tension and emotion. The action is give and take, with both partners alternately initiating, reciprocating, pushing forward, and pulling back. They are actively sending, receiving, and responding to messages via physical touch, action, and eye contact. And in the ultimate moment prior to intercourse, the intention is communicated when Quincy produces and puts on a condom. During intercourse, Quincy speaks the only words in the scene, asking "You want to stop?" She shakes her head no.

Love & Basketball: First Time

This film traces the relationship between two friends, who become romantically involved, as they pursue their basketball dreams.

from Love & Basketball (2000)
Creator: Gina Prince-Bythewood
Distributor: New Line Cinema
Posted by Lee Conderacci