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Commentaries on this Media!

In the Moment

by Lee Conderacci

In this scene, Lady Bird has decided she wants to lose her virginity to Kyle. She believes that Kyle is also a virgin, but he is not, which she discovers after the fact.

As they are making out in his bed, Lady Bird says, "I'm ready to have sex." Kyle immediately reaches for a condom and puts it on.

The actual act is quite brief, and it culminates in Lady Bird getting a nosebleed. Ultimately, this is not the special, romantic "First Time" that Lady Bird had imagined.

In the moment, this interaction is fully consensual. This is somewhat complicated when Kyle later tells her that he was not a virgin as she thought; he had told her on an earlier occasion that he had never had sex. It is unclear whether knowing the truth, that he'd already had sex with "Like, six people," would have impacted her decision to have sex with him. If he intentionally lied to her to increase the odds of her having sex with him, and this was a crucial factor in her consenting to sex, then this may be considered assault. The topic of rape by deception is still being debated in legal and social arenas.

Lady Bird: "I'm ready to have sex.":

In Lady Bird, the title character is definitely ready to lose her virginity to Kyle. The experience ends up being not quite what she'd imagined

from Lady Bird (2017)
Creator: Greta Gerwig
Distributor: A24
Posted by Lee Conderacci