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Commentaries on this Media!

Big Plans...Postponed!

by Lee Conderacci

In this scene, Dan and Serena are about to have sex for the first time. Dan has planned it out to be very romantic, with candles all around the bed and mood music on the record player. The stakes in this encounter are high: This is to be Dan's first time ever having sex, and Serena's first time having sex with someone she has a real connection with (according to her...but this is not revealed until the middle of this scene).

This relationship involves a status/class differential: Serena comes from a very wealthy family, while Dan's family is less so. Serena is one of the most popular kids at their high school, and Dan is a "nobody." This disparity is the source of some conflict throughout the series, but the show does not deeply explore the ways in which this might impact sexual consent between these two characters. Up to and throughout this scene, Dan and Serena are shown to be mutually attracted to each other. This is a rather new relationship, so there has been some uncertainty about the feelings of attachment/commitment on both sides, but the reciprocated sexual attraction has been made clear.

This scene begins with foreplay/kissing in Dan's bed, but the action stops when the record player skips and creates an interruption. Serena takes this moment to address some things that are on her mind. She communicates clearly with Dan about her feelings for him, and that she is nervous about having sex with him because they have a real connection, but this is new to her. Serena explains that she would rather wait to have sex, and Dan enthusiastically affirms this. The two end up cuddling instead.

Gossip Girl: Candles and Cuddling

Gossip Girl is a TV series about wealthy teenagers in New York City, who engage in frequent sexual and romantic escapades within a variety of contexts and situations.

from Gossip Girl (2007)
Creator: Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz
Distributor: Warner Bros.
Posted by Lee Conderacci