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Commentaries on this Media!

Julius Caesar - Glitter & Gold

by Larissa Bernstein (T'Lara)

This vid was made for Festivids 2015, for my assigned recipient baticeer.

Festivids is an annual vid exchange for rare and under-vidded fandoms. More info on Festivids can be found on its official website and on Fanlore.

This vid focuses on the doomed fate of Brutus and Cassius, their fatal union against the background of history's dynamics. Who is glitter, who is gold? What are the ulterior motives of the tyrannicides? Idealism or jealousy, philosophical reasoning or striving for power? Perceptions, both of themselves and of the other, are fragmented and flickering, but ultimately it is a struggle between Human desires (flesh and bone) and a legend larger than life.

Julius Caesar - Glitter & Gold

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"Give me your hand." -- "And my heart too." (Brutus/Cassius) Made for Festivids 2015. Recipient: baticeer. Sources used in this fanvid: clips from "Julius Caesar" (MGM 1953); audio "Glitter & Gold" by Barns Courtney.

from Julius Caesar (1953); "Glitter & Gold" by Barns Courtney (2015)
Creator: Larissa Bernstein (vidder)
Posted by Larissa Bernstein (T'Lara)