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I Am And Shall Always Be - a K/S poetry vid by T'Lara and Jatona P. Walker

by Larissa Bernstein (T'Lara)

This K/S fanvid by T'Lara remixes footage from "Star Trek: The Original Series", "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" (1979) and "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan" (1982), and combines it with the reading of Jatona P. Walker's poem "I Am And Shall Always Be" which was first published in the first issue of the Kirk/Spock fanzine "Twin Destiny" in 1983. The vid adds the romantic music of Jerry Goldsmith's overture to "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", "Ilia's Theme", to the words and scenes. Both TMP and TWOK have repeatedly been described as being basically an epic love story between the main characters, Kirk and Spock. The choice of music tries to acknowledge this interpretation on the level of the source material itself. This vid not only remixes source material (footage and music from Star Trek), but another fanwork: Jatona P. Walker's poem, which has been recorded (podficced) for this project. Dating back 30 years in fan history, this poem testifies to the rich and longstanding tradition of transformative work for Star Trek.

I Am And Shall Always Be (K/S fanvid)

A poetry vid in honour of K/S Day 2014, combining footage from Star Trek (TOS, TMP and TWOK) with Jatona P. Walker's poem "I Am And Shall Always Be", first published in the K/S fanzine "Twin Destiny" 1, 1983.

from The footage used is from "Star Trek" (TOS, TMP, TWOK); the music is Jerry Goldsmith's overture to TMP; the poem is by Jatona P. Walker (published 1983). (2014) (2014)
Creator: T'Lara (vid)
Posted by Larissa Bernstein (T'Lara)