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Commentaries on this Media!

Cinema of Squee - a K/S fanvid by T'Lara

by Larissa Bernstein (T'Lara)

This short fanvid was created to serve as teaser and introductory sequence for the livestream channel "T'Lara's Cinema of Squee", which regularly hosts K/S Viewing Parties - i.e. streaming of "Star Trek (TOS)" episodes, "Star Trek" films (original universe), fanvids and other related material, accompanied by a life chat between the viewers. It remixes footage from various "Star Trek (The Original Series)" episodes and from "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" (1979), set to the playful instrumental piece "Bach à la Jazz" from the film score "Les triplettes de Belleville". Enhanced with tongue-in-cheek captions, the fanvid offers a range of memorable Trek scenes and defining K/S moments, while poking gentle and self-ironic fun at the fannish "slash goggles".

Cinema of Squee

A short teaser for the livestream channel "T'Lara's Cinema of Squee".

from The footage used is from various episodes of "Star Trek (The Original Series)" and "Star Trek: The Motion Picture". The music is "Bach à la Jazz" from "Les triplettes de Belleville (Bande originale du film)". (2012)
Creator: T'Lara (vidder)
Posted by Larissa Bernstein (T'Lara)