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I May Be Wrong (But I Think You're Wonderful)

by lamardeuse



Among Merlin fans, the Merlin/Arthur canonical relationship is often the source of debate and critical exploration. Departing from the Arthurian legends, the BBC series presents a Merlin and Arthur who are contemporaries, and a world in which magic is banned. Therefore, Merlin must hide his true self from Arthur, and their relationship at first is strictly that of master and servant. Eventually, they develop a strong friendship, but due to the difficulties of a cross-class relationship, Arthur continues to have trouble treating Merlin as an equal. For some fans, this represents a failure on the part of the writers to allow the characters to grow and change, and some present legitimate criticisms about the verbal and physical abuse that Merlin endures at Arthur's hands, and the way in which it is played for comedy.

In this vid, I attempted to get across some of these issues in the Merlin/Arthur canon relationship. This incarnation of Merlin is a young man constantly questioning the destiny he has been dealt, that of helping Arthur to evolve from privileged brat to noble king. The song seemed to fit his dilemma.

Thanks to nny for her encouragement in the making of this vid.



I May Be Wrong (But I Think You're Wonderful)

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An exploration of the Merlin/Arthur relationship from Merlin's point of view.

from Merlin (BBC) (2008)
Creator: lamardeuse
Posted by lamardeuse