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Commentaries on this Media!

Here Everyone's a Hero

by lamardeuse

The 2015 film “Kingsman: The Secret Service” is an homage to British spy films and television shows, from James Bond to The Ipcress File and The Avengers. The character of Eggsy is a proto-Bond, a working class youth recruited into an elite cadre of spies and assassins.

The Tinie Tempah song "Heroes" was an ideal choice to highlight the class issues inherent in Eggsy's transformation from East London street tough to gentleman spy. Laura Mvula's haunting vocals evoke the Bond themes of decades past in much the same way the film itself harks back to those earlier sources.

From a technical standpoint, this vid has easily been my most challenging to date, and marks the first time I've made considerable use of fades and speed changes in clips.

Here Everyone's a Hero

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A fanvid and character study for "Kingsman: The Secret Service" (2015).

from Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)
Creator: lamardeuse
Posted by lamardeuse