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Commentaries on this Media!

Crossing Borders 1: Frank Conversations

by Karen S. Kingsbury

Reflection/discussion questions:

    1. Which statements or moments/images from this clip affected you the most? Why?

    2. Did the affective power come mostly from the words being spoken or the ideas being expressed? If so, why are those words or ideas so powerful? What new thoughts did they inspire in you? What values that you already have did they resonate with--or challenge?

    3. Did the affective power come partly from the filmmaker's skill in framing (close, mid-distance, or long-distance shot) or editing (the amount of silence left before and after, the splicing with other shots) or from the soundtrack and other effects? Please explain.

    4. David and Rochd are the most prominent characters in this excerpt (and in the film as a whole). What characteristics do you think made them attractive to the filmmaker, as he was organizing and creating this documentary film?

CROSSING BORDERS 1: Frank Conversations

2009 discussion between Moroccan and American students working through differences stemming from nation-based politics and stereotypes.

from Crossing Borders (2013)
Creator: Arnd Wächter
Distributor: Crossing Border Films
Posted by Karen S. Kingsbury