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Commentaries on this Media!

Crossing Borders 2: Stereotypes and Real Differences -- Religion

by Karen S. Kingsbury

Reflection/Discussion Questions:

1. As Rochd and David explore the differences between nation-based stereotypes and the individual complexity of real people, what examples comes to mind of similar experiences or realizations that you have had?

2. Where do the students find that they share more similarity than they had expected, even though they have different religious perspectives?

3. Where do they find that they have real differences of view and value?

4. How do you feel about Rochd's passionate expression of his views and values?  And then about the conflict that develops between him and Fatah?

5. Manal, Rochd, and Fatah each have a different observation to make about the conflict between Rochd and Fatal: what's your reaction to their ideas about conflict, culture, and religion?  Do you share those ideas?  Or do you see these topics differently?

CROSSING BORDERS 2: Stereotypes and Real Differences - Religion

Searching discussion between Moroccan and American students about individuality and religion

from Crossing Borders (2013)
Creator: Arnd Wächter
Distributor: Crossing Border Films
Posted by Karen S. Kingsbury