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Commentaries on this Media!

Ladoo vs. Chilli Pickles

by Karen S. Kingsbury

This chapter elaborates on the problem faced by Shashi, a middle-class housewife: despite her skills as a homemaker and her business success as a seller of homemade sweet treats (ladoo), she is scorned by her daughter and ignored and devalued by her husband.

Given that filmmaker Gauri Shinde's mother, on whom the character of Shashi is lightly based, ran a business selling chilli pickles, how many reasons can we find for the substitution of ladoo for chilli pickles?

What should we make of the Michael Jackson moment in the scene between Shashi and her son?

What significances can we find in the "cold coffee" date that daughter Sapna tries to hide from her mother?

Ch. 3 Shashi's Ladoo Business

Shashi's ladoo business is a success, but she still gets little respect from her husband and daughter.

from English Vinglish (2012)
Creator: Gauri Shinde
Distributor: Eros International
Posted by Karen S. Kingsbury