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Commentaries on this Media!

First impressions

by Karen S. Kingsbury

1. In this 1961 Greek film adaptation of Sophocles' classic play, an animated prelude offers the background story BEFORE the action begins.

As you read Braun's translation, pages 21-27, what do you notice about Sophocles' ordering of this information?  How would you explain the different choices made by Sophocles and Tzavellas (the film director)?  Do you support Tzavellas' adaptation or not?


2. The dialogue between Antigone and Ismene is full of chiaroscuro (light/dark) imagery that VISUALLY dramatizes the CRISS-CROSSING connections and conflicts between these sisters.

Study Sophocles' language (in Braun's translation) carefully.  What examples and techniques can you pick out, to show how Sophocles has established this CRISS-CROSSING structure in his playscript?

Antigone prelude and first scene

Prelude gives background story; first scene between Antigone and Ismene

from Antigone (1961)
Creator: Directed by Yorgos Javellas, with Irene Papas as Antigone
Distributor: Kino Lorber Films (2004)
Posted by Karen S. Kingsbury