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Commentaries on this Media!

Introduction (non-fiction, documentary style) to Ang Lee and James Schamus

by Karen S. Kingsbury

    This documentary was made 7 years after the theatrical release of the feature film, Eat Drink Man Woman, which was a big success in the Taiwan market and, less predictably, was also well-received in the US and other international markets.  Which of these audiences--Taiwanese or US--is this documentary aimed toward? How can you tell?  What topics would you guess will be covered in this documentary?

    What features of this clip create a trailer-like feeling at the outset?

    How is Ang Lee (the man "behind the camera" in the fictional feature film) framed here as the central protagonist of this non-fictional, documentary film?  What is gained, what is lost through this focus-point?

    James Schamus is rightly featured as co-writer and associate producer of EAT DRINK, and other parts of this documentary film will explore his writing process. But one might wonder why Hui-Ling Wang, their third writing partner, is not even mentioned in this documentary. What is lost, what is gained, through this omission?

Ang Lee 2001 interview excerpt 1

This clip introduces director Ang Lee and co-writer James Schamus, in relation to their 1994 breakout film EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN.

from A Feast for the Eyes: Ang Lee in Taipei (2001)
Creator: Laura Nix
Distributor: Automat Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Home Entertainment, Inc.
Posted by Karen S. Kingsbury