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Commentaries on this Media!

Spontaneous dance

by Kate Fortmueller

Fred Astaire spent weeks choreographing and rehearsing numbers for his musicals with Hermes Pan, yet many of these numbers are supposed to look like natural outbursts of emotion. One example of this is Top Hat's first musical number. "No Strings" is inspired by an outburst of emotion of excitement about single-life. How does this number demonstrate spontaneity? Consider where this number takes place? How does Astaire incorporate props? How does this "spontaneous" tap dancing initiate function within the plot?

Top Hat (1935) - "No Strings"

In Top Hat's opening number Jerry Travers (Fred Astaire) celebrates the freedom of his single life and wakes up Dale Tremont (Ginger Rogers) in the room below.

from Top Hat (1935)
Creator: Mark Sandrich
Posted by Kate Fortmueller