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Theater etiquette and women's hats

by Kate Fortmueller

The nickelodeon was a rowdy environment where people were frequently coming and going. The rise of the nickelodeon also coincided with increased freedom for women (who were now able to move in and around in public spaces); however, with increased freedom came increased concern and paranoia about women in public. Many of the concerns about the nickelodeon as a rowdy space emerged from the presence of women. However, these concerns did not always manifest in concern for women's safety, in some cases they manifested in frustration with women in public. This Griffith short illustrates a common complaint about women in the theater - their large and obtrusive hats.

Those Awful Hats (1909)

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Movie patrons are distracted by large hats.

from Those Awful Hats (1909)
Creator: D.W. Griffith
Distributor: Kino Video
Posted by Kate Fortmueller