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Language in The Wire

by Kate Fortmueller

One of the unique characteristics of The Wire is the density of the language. Language and accents reveal a lot about the characters on the show and allow characters to communicate within their own worlds, but sometimes worlds collide and hinder communication. In this opening sequence from season 4, Snoop attempts to buy a nail gun. The language of the streets clash with the language of the salesman. At the end of the sequence it is also clear that the language of capitalism is different for each character when Snoop hands the salesman a wad of bills and walks out with the nail gun.

The Wire - Snoop buys a nail gun (Boys of Summer, 2006)

In this episode from season 4 of The Wire, Snoop buys a nail gun.

from The Wire "Boys of Summer" (2006) (2006)
Creator: David Simon
Distributor: HBO
Posted by Kate Fortmueller