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Commentaries on this Media!

The art of the pitch/talking about race in the player

by Kate Fortmueller

There are numerous pitches throughout The Player. In the opening sequence Mill hears a number of pitches for high concept films and sequels that all use successful films as the basis for the new film being pitched. In this sequence Mill hears a pitch for an unconventional independent film - one of the few instances in the film which acknowledges race. The Player, a satire of Hollywood, is often noted for the accuracy of its depiction. If we accept The Player as an accurate representation, this sequence (and the whiteness of the film more generally) illustrates the lack of opportunities for people of color in Hollywood.

The Player (1992) - Pitching Habeas Corpus

In this scene Griffin Mills (Tim Robbins) listens to a pitch for a film called Habeas Corpus.

from The Player (1992)
Creator: Robert Altman
Posted by Kate Fortmueller