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Virtue in the fallen woman narrative

by Kate Fortmueller

As Kristine Harris' points out in her analysis of The Goddess, the fallen women narratives need to develop redemptive qualities for the female protagonist in order to heighten the melodrama and sympathy. In The Goddess, the Ruan Lingyu's character transgresses sexual norms for women (since she is a prostitute), but her character can be recuperated because she is a good mother. This sequence provides an example of her supporting her son and trying to give him a good education.

The Goddess (1934) - Meeting between the mother and principal

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The Goddess is a melodrama about an unnamed woman who works as a prostitute to pay for her son's education. In this scene the principal of the school comes to tell Shuiping's mother that he needs to expel him from school because of her job.

from The Goddess (1934)
Creator: Wu Yonggang
Distributor: The Center for Media Design
Posted by Kate Fortmueller