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Commentaries on this Media!

Questions for Quo Vadis? Print Advertisement

by Kate Fortmueller

We have discussed various primary source documents in CTCS 200, but these are different from many of the articles we have read because this is an advertisement with multiple images.


Consider some of the following questions in your discussion of this ad in section:

What were the opinions or interests that might have influenced what was written or created?

Is this primarily informative or persuasive in tone? (Check the words in the source.)

What kinds of images are included?

What do the chosen images tell you about the film (genre, production values, etc.)?

How does this ad try to distinguish this film as a work of art?

How does this advertisement differ from the one for The Last Days of Pompeii?

Quo Vadis? Advertisement

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Print advertisement for Quo Vadis? at the Astor Theater.

from Quo Vadis? Print Advertisement (1913)
Creator: Unknown
Distributor: Motion Picture News
Posted by Kate Fortmueller