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Commentaries on this Media!

Masking Exercise

by Kate Fortmueller

The sound track in this opening sequence reveals a great deal of information about setting and character. Using the technique of "masking" (described in Hearing the Movies, 2nd ed. on pages 29-30), watch this clip once without sound and summarize the shots in a list. Try to think about or sum up what you know simply from the images. Once you have a clear list (and idea of what this sequence conveys), turn on the sound and describe the sounds in detail in a second column to show how they correspond to the images. In a third column, write down what kind of narrative information you learn based on the sound. Try the same exercise without looking at the image.

Mean Streets (1973) - Opening Credits

The opening credits to Mean Streets.

from Mean Streets (1973)
Creator: Martin Scorsese
Posted by Kate Fortmueller