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Commentaries on this Media!

Pre-recording sound and linking spaces

by Kate Fortmueller

Singin' in the Rain humorously depicts some of the challenges of recording and synchronizing sound in the 1920s. For directors of musicals this process was especially challenging - sound could be recorded simultaneously on-set or the film could be filmed silent and the sound could be added later (making it difficult to marry sound and image). In Love Me Tonight Rouben Mamoulian bypasses some of the technical problems by recording the music in advance. What this allows him to do is evident in this musical number. The musical sequence "Isn't it Romantic?" links multiple spaces with a single piece of music and in doing so forges a link between the two lovers across space and class divisions.

Love Me Tonight (1932) - "Isn't it Romantic?"

Romance is literally in the air as this song floats from Maurice's (Maurice Chevalier) shop to Princess Jeanette (Jeannette McDonald).

from Love Me Tonight (1932)
Creator: Rouben Mamoulian
Posted by Kate Fortmueller