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Commentaries on this Media!

Film and Art

by Kate Fortmueller

In the early 1900s French filmmakers adapted well-known source material into elaborate costume dramas in order to legitimize film as art. The Impressionists took a different approach toward filmmaking (often employing camera techniques to convey subjectivity). L'Inhumaine differs from its Impressionist counterparts. Although the plot of L'Inhumaine is a wacky genre mix of melodrama and sci-fi, the film also features striking sets designed by Fernand Léger.

L'Inhumaine (1924) - Opening

In the opening of this sci-fi melodrama Claire Lescot (played by famous opera singer Georgette Leblanc) meets with her various suitors.

from L'Inhumaine (1924)
Creator: Marcel L'Herbier
Posted by Kate Fortmueller