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Commentaries on this Media!

Nationalism in Kolberg

by Kate Fortmueller

Kolberg (released at the end of WWII) is set during the 1806 campaign of the Napoleonic Wars. The film uses this setting of a German victory against all odds to generate feelings of nationalism in the German audience. Much of the energy and nationalistic sentiment is conveyed through speeches such as this one. In this sequence Commander Gneisenau gives an inspirational speech before the first battle. This is not simply meant to inspire soldiers, it is also intended to inspire citizens to contribute to the war effort in any way possible.

Kolberg (1945) - Preparing for battle

In this sequence the Commander Gneisenau gives an inspirational speech to the soldiers heading to battle with Napoleon's forces and the battle begins.

from Kolberg (1945)
Creator: Veit Harlan
Distributor: International Historic Films, Inc.
Posted by Kate Fortmueller