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The city people love to hate?

by Kate Fortmueller

As journalists and scholars have noted, Los Angeles is one of the most frequently destroyed cities in literature and film. Whether that is simply the fate of the city that represents the media industry or perhaps something more insidious, there seems to be a special pleasure in destroying L.A. In Mike Davis's The Ecology of Fear, he uses this sequence from Independence Day (1996) to demonstrate the unique joy in blowing up downtown L.A. As Davis explains, "When the aliens turn to Los Angeles [...] who could identify with the caricatured mob of hippies, new agers, and gay men dancing in idiot ecstasy on a skyscraper roof to greet the extraterrestrials?" (Davis 277)

Independence Day (1996)

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The aliens destroy downtown Los Angeles.

from Independence Day (1996)
Creator: Roland Emmerich
Posted by Kate Fortmueller