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Commentaries on this Media!

Serials and the escape

by Kate Fortmueller

At the end of a serial episode the protagonist often finds him or herself in a situation that seems impossible to escape. Fantômas sets up these scenarios for Juve and Fandor as well as Fantômas. The individual episodes often end with Juve and Fandor in peril, while Fantômas's escapes occur mid-episode (since he is the less sympathetic criminal). In this sequence Juve and Fandor arrest Fantômas, but he still manages an escape - leaving Juve and Fandor trying to figure out a new plan of action.  Thus the cliffhanger in this episode is not related to how the protagonists will escape, but rather, how will the protagonists ever catch Fantômas.

Fantômas II: Juve vs. Fantômas (1913) - Fantômas escapes

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In this sequence Juve and Fandor find Fantômas at a club in Montmarte, but he manages to escape again.

from Fantômas II: Juve vs. Fantômas (1913)
Creator: Louis Feuillade
Distributor: Kino Video
Posted by Kate Fortmueller