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Commentaries on this Media!

Hand-drawn animation and women's hats

by Kate Fortmueller

Fantasmagorie is often considered to be the first animated film. In this film characters morph into various shapes and figures following more of a stream-of-consciousness logic than a linear narrative.

This film also opens with a common silent era subject: women's hats. The opening sequence features a male figure plucking feathers from a woman's hat (which blocks the film screen). The subject of large hats in the movie theater was also taken up a year later in D.W. Griffith's Those Awful Hats (1909).

Fantasmagorie (1908)

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This stream of consciousness film represents one of the earliest animated films for Gaumont.

from Fantasmagorie (1908)
Creator: Emile Cohl
Distributor: Blackhawk Films
Posted by Kate Fortmueller