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Demolition of a Wall (and reconstruction of a wall)

by Kate Fortmueller

The Lumière Bros. (unlike Edison) did a great deal of their filming outside - this film is no exception. This film features the demolition of a wall outside of the Lumière factory. This seems like a banal attraction relative to the performances of the Edison films or even the more dynamic diagonal compositions of the other films from the original Lumière program. However, this particular film was often played in reverse, so the appeal of this subject was not simply in the wall coming down, but also in the wall coming back up.

Demolition of a Wall (1895)

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Auguste Lumière supervises workers demolishing a wall near the Lumière factory.

from Demolition of a Wall (1900)
Creator: Louis Lumière and Auguste Lumière
Distributor: Kino Video
Posted by Kate Fortmueller