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Commentaries on this Media!

Race and Representation

by Kate Fortmueller

The opening clip of Daughters of the Dust sets up the key tensions between the cousin who has left and the cousin who has stayed. How are these differences visually communicated in this sequence? We can also think about this film in relation to some of the key concerns from Julie Dash's thesis film, Illusions. In Illusions, Dash explores issues surrounding image production and asks, "What would happen if black women controlled image production? Would these images be radical or compromised?" Laced throughout that film is also a concern with the absence of historical images. We are encouraged to think about this because of the inclusion of the photographer who is on the boat to record the family meeting and help produce a family history.

Daughters of Dust (1991) - Opening

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The opening of Julie Dash's landmark Daughters of Dust.

from Daughters of Dust (1991)
Creator: Julie Dash
Posted by Kate Fortmueller