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Commentaries on this Media!

The texture of the sound track

by Kate Fortmueller

This extended sequence (from the archive to the Colorado sequence) provides a clear example of distortion (the echo). In the Colorado sequence, take note of the timbre, pacing, and volumes of the voices, as well as changes in pitch (Kane's mother, played by Agnes Moorhead) that reveal emotion. The Colorado sequence also provides examples of realist sound (sound that is both appropriate in direction and volume based on its source) as well as non-realist sound (such as the sound the snowball makes when it hits the sign). Lastly, try a masking exercise to make careful note of all the elements of the sound track - focus on what is foregrounded and what is in the background at any given moment.

Citizen Kane (1941) - Investigating Kane's childhood

This sequence reveals more about Kane's upbringing and why he left his parents.

from Citizen Kane (1941)
Creator: Orson Welles
Posted by Kate Fortmueller