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Postmodern silent films

by Kate Fortmueller

Even though Blancanieves is a silent film that utilizes visual storytelling, it, like The Artist (2011) is a postmodern film. Blancanieves utilizes numerous references from international silent films. It also makes use of contemporary film language. In this sequence Encarna tries to escape from the angry dwarves. This chase sequence is mostly hand-held, an option which was not available to filmmakers in the silent era (since cameras were much larger and cumbersome). Although this sequence takes advantage of advancements in camera technology, the ominous ending (with the shadow of the bull creeping over Encarna) reflects a more economical method of filmmaking that seems similar to how filmmakers of the silent era sought to solve problems that might require more money or effects.

Blancanieves (2012) - Encarna's death

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In this sequence Encarna, Carmen's stepmother is killed by a bull.

from Blancanieves (2012)
Creator: Pablo Berger
Distributor: Cohen Media Group
Posted by Kate Fortmueller