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The Crowd in Bhowani Junction

by Kate Fortmueller

George Cukor's romantic melodrama Bhowani Junction is set against the backdrop of the British departure from India in 1947. Throughout the film the crowd becomes an embodiment of India, a point which is established from the opening credits. The film’s opening title sequence is superimposed over a series of crowd images. Gene Allen (Production Designer) wrote several impassioned letters to George Cukor regarding the opening title sequence and asked, “Would this not be one of our best chances to show a Teeming India […].”

Bhowani Junction (1956) - Opening Credits

The opening credits of Bhowani Junction set the tone for what the production designer described as "the teeming masses."

from Bhowani Junction (1956)
Creator: George Cukor
Distributor: Warner Archive Collection
Posted by Kate Fortmueller