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Responding to the Skylar Hate

by Kate Fortmueller

Many fans of Breaking Bad are united in their hatred for Walter White's wife Skylar. While some of this anger is focused on the character (Skylar) some of the fans collapse the character and the actress, and end up directing their hatred toward Anna Gunn. Gunn has received death threats and many angry letters. The anti-Skylar hate caused her to write an Op-Ed in the New York Times, but in her interview after her Emmy she strategically avoided addressing questions about the Anti-Skylar people. Consider how she changes the discussion and redirects the questions.

Anna Gunn's Op-Ed in the New York Times can be found here:

Anna Gunn's Post-Emmy Interview

In this interview immediately after Anna Gunn's Emmy acceptance, she strategically dodges the questions about Skylar White.

from Anna Gunn's Post-Emmy Interview (2013)
Creator: Emmy Awards
Posted by Kate Fortmueller