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Commentaries on this Media!

Clarity vs. Fidelity in All that Jazz

by Kate Fortmueller

Our textbook, Hearing the Movies, points out that the sound track is often organized to enhance the clarity of the sound (often the content of the dialogue) and scene rather than adhere faithfully to sounds as they occur in the world. It is helpful for us to think about what the scene is conveying in order to understand how sound enhances the clarity. In this scene, think about what emotional and narrative information is being conveyed. How does the sound design help to clarify the content of the scene and clarify what Joe Giddeon (Roy Scheider) is experiencing? Lastly, how faithful is the sound? Think about how to describe, in detail, the changes?

All that Jazz (1979) - The table read

Joe Gideon leads the table reading of his new show and begins to get sick.

from All that Jazz (1979)
Creator: Bob Fosse
Posted by Kate Fortmueller