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Women in Public Space

by Kate Fortmueller

In the early 20th century filmmakers were exploring different ways of shooting multiple spaces and developing narratives. The chase film was a popular genre in the early 20th century that developed narrative. The pleasure of many chase films (as we saw in both Personal [1904] and How a French Nobleman Got a Wife Through the New York Herald Personal Columns [1904]) was in watching women run. These films also demonstrate an explicit fascination (and anxiety) about women in public space. In A Very Fine Lady, the woman is not running through different spaces, but we do see her moving through a variety of urban spaces.

A Very Fine Lady (1908)

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This film is a variation of the chase film and shows a woman moving through different spaces.

from A Very Fine Lady (1908)
Creator: Louis Feuillade
Distributor: Kino Video
Posted by Kate Fortmueller