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Marc Maron: Coming to Terms

by Kelli Marshall

One reason comedian/podcaster Marc Maron cultivates intimacy with his fans is that his transmedia representations—podcast, stand-up act, blog, collection of biographical essays, TV series on IFC, and active social media accounts—lay bare Kenneth Burke’s “equipment for living” theory, i.e., artists create as a way of coming to terms with difficulties in their own lives. In short, all of Marc Maron’s work functions as therapy; as such, it demands a response. For the most part, we are the analyst; Maron is the patient. Sometimes, this is reversed through his podcast conversations: guests like Carlos Mencia and Melanie Lynsky are the patients, and Maron and we become the therapists. Either situation produces an honesty and a rawness—two words often used to describe Maron—which encourage, or perhaps force, a deep camaraderie with fans. This video features some examples…

Marc Maron: Coming to Terms

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Comedian/podcaster Marc Maron comes to terms with difficulties in his own life.

from Maron, WTF (2010)
Creator: Marc Maron
Posted by Kelli Marshall