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The Eric Andre Show: A Relic of Subversive Post-Soul Satire

by Katrina Enoch

Adult Swim's, The Eric Andre Show, defies easy categorization. A spoof of the late-night talk show, The Eric Andre Show's comedy has often been described as a televisual fever dream. Several video essays laud Andre's humor as anarchic, serving no point, or attempt to define Andre as an archetypical jokester. This video essay engages with the humor of the show in more meaningful ways, arguing that The Eric Andre Show is a relic of post-soul satire. The blackness of Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress, coupled with the predominately white male audience of the show, actively shapes the comedy of The Eric Andre Show by satirizing both white notions of black masculinity and the culture of black masculinity.

The Eric Andre Show: Deconstructing Black Masculinity

This video essay analyzes the comedy of Adult Swim's cult hit, The Eric Andre Show. The essay proposes that the show's avant-garde humor is a manifestation of post-soul satire, criticizing white and black notions of black masculinity.

from The Eric Andre Show (2018)
Creator: Katrina Enoch
Distributor: Adult Swim
Posted by Katrina Enoch