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Commentaries on this Media!

Adverse Selection

by James Tierney

This clip has alcohol, drugs, and sex in it. Also PG-13 language. Be sure to watch before showing to students to make sure you want to show it. "Some kids want to grow up to be bad, and when you are this bad, you need health insurance." The first line shows how people who more risky seek out insurance. This is a prime example of adverse selection. Adverse selection is when one party has information about some aspect of product quality that the other party does not have. In this case, the product is the health of the individual that the insurance company is buying.

The Daily Show -- Adverse Selection (Mature Audiences)

This clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart shows a commercial that is supposed to be geared towards getting youth to buy health insurance. (PG-13 rating)

from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (2014)
Creator: Comedy Central
Distributor: Hulu
Posted by James Tierney