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Commentaries on this Media!


by Charity-Joy Acchiardo

In this clip, Julie Busha explains how she and her husband saved a large sum of money so they could successfully launch Slawsa, a new condiment that is a cross between coleslaw and salsa. Mark Cuban commends her on this and discusses how it's nice to see someone giving up a little bit now to have more in the future. This is a classic PPF example of future vs. current consumption. The entrepreneur also discusses how she is not taking a salary at this time because she wants to focus her time, energy, and resources into the business. This nicely illustrates the idea of opportunity costs, which are classified as implicit costs in business production decisions. Ask students if this means that she is really working for free and engage them in a discussion of other potential implicit costs. This clip is part of a collaborative research project by Charity-Joy Acchiardo, Abdullah Al-Bahrani, Darshak Patel, and Brandon Sheridan.

Savings, Salaries, and Slawsa

Julie Busha discusses the production of Slawsa and the opportunity cost of savings and salaries. Shark Tank: season 5, episode 9

from Shark Tank (2014)
Creator: Mark Burnett
Distributor: ABC
Posted by Charity-Joy Acchiardo