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Commentaries on this Media!

Self-Control in "Inside Out"

by Charity-Joy Acchiardo

In the trailer for Pixar's 2015 animation “Inside Out”, we are introduced to the emotions controlling Riley, her mother and her father. Riley's mother tries to engage in a conversation about the first day of school, while Riley's father is distracted by other thoughts. According to the characters in Riley's head, she had wanted to “play it cool”, but unwillingly loses self-control as anger takes over and she yells “What is your problem? Just leave me alone”. Even Riley’s mother temporarily loses her self-control as she fantasises about the Brazilian helicopter pilot. Behavioral economics recognises that people have self-control problems, resulting in decisions that favor what feels good over what is good; that favor present benefits and that give way to visceral emotions.

Self-Control in "Inside Out"

Riley's mom tries to engage in conversation, while his dad is distracted by other thoughts. Riley loses self-control. Behavioral economics recognises people have self-control problems and make decisions that favor what feels good over what is good.

from Inside Out (2015)
Creator: Pete Docter
Distributor: Walt Disney
Posted by Charity-Joy Acchiardo