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Commentaries on this Media!

Copa Di Vino

by Charity-Joy Acchiardo

Copa Di Vino, owned by James Martin, is the first premium wine sold by the glass. James, currently controls the vertical chain of production: he has a winery, packages his own wine by the glass, and distributes the wine. However the sharks believe that company's value will be higher if it vertically disintegrates. The sharks are only interested in the intellectual property (patent) that James holds, since he is the sole producer that can package wine in this form. They believe his monopoly power over the packaging will reap the highest profit by licensing it to others. James does not want to split the company and believes it is more profitable as one firm because of the high subjective value he places on his brand. He leaves the tank without a deal. This clip is part of a collaborative research project by Charity-Joy Acchiardo, Abdullah Al-Bahrani, Darshak Patel, and Brandon Sheridan.

Copa Di-sintegration? Shark Tank: Copa Di Vino

Is a vertical chain of production optimal?

from Shark Tank (2011)
Creator: Mark Burnett
Distributor: ABC
Posted by Charity-Joy Acchiardo