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Crime & Decentered Blackness: Misfits Clip #2

by jheanelle brown

In this clip, Curtis’ ex-girlfriend Sam visits him after she gets out of jail. Sam spent 6 months in jail on a drug dealing charge, while Curtis was charged for possession. Again, Curtis’ Blackness is decentered, but this time, questions of class are more present with the inclusion of Sam. Implied to be working class (demeanor, accent, etc), Sam brings the conversation back to socioeconomic class and activities of working class young people who are socially stagnant. As a White women, she isn’t constructed as an anomaly and the tension between them is one of a lover’s quarrel and betrayal, rather than a Black boyfriend pressuring his White girlfriend to engage in criminal activity and take the fall. Interracial couples are more present in U.K. television than U.S. television, so Black actors occupy spaces that they could not in the U.S. status quo. Again, Curtis’ Blackness is decentered and his criminality more the activity of an errant young man in a working class milieu.

Crime & Decentered Blackness: Misfits Clip #2

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Curtis' ex-girlfriend, who took the brunt of the charges for cocaine possession, gets out of jail and visits him during community service.

from Misfits (2009)
Creator: Howard Overman; Channel 4
Distributor: YouTube
Posted by jheanelle brown