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Crime & Decentered Blackness: Misfits Clip #1

by jheanelle brown

This clip begins with the gang disposing of two bodies -- one of whom, Tony, was their probation worker that they killed in self-defense and the other of whom, Gary, was another ASBO that the probation worker killed after he became a brute from the storm. The realize they must keep this secret and stick to the story, because no one will believe that this all started with strange powers gained from the storm. Curtis is unsure of the prospect and Nathan cheekily points out that Curtis is at a double disadvantage compared to the rest of them because he is Black and a celebrity. This scene occurs 37 minutes in Season 1, Episode 1, and is the first time that Curtis’ Blackness is explicitly mentioned. Curtis was sentenced with community service because he was found with some cocaine on his person. Although implied to be working class, Curtis’ involvement with cocaine isn’t constructed as a pathology of his Blackness or working class background. Misfits is the most irreverent of the three shows, but outside of no holds barred jokes about race, gender, sexual orientation, class, disabilities, etc, it operates closer to the colorblind end of the casting/characterization spectrum. Curtis’ Blackness is decentered in the series with regards to his criminality.

Crime & Decentered Blackness: Misfits Clip #1

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Nathan points out Curtis' disadvantages.

from Misfits (2009)
Creator: Howard Overman; Channel 4
Distributor: YoutTube
Posted by jheanelle brown