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Commentaries on this Media!

Black Diasporic Delineation: Youngers Clip #2

by jheanelle brown

Continuing with the diasporic identities of Blackness, this clip shows the character of Uncle Errol, owner of the neighborhood Caribbean restaurant, throwing the Youngers, Yemi, Jay, Davina, Meleka out. In this clip, Uncle Errol comedically refers to Yemi and Jay by the dishes that represent their racial and national identities. Uncle Errol refers to Yemi as “jollof rice,” a Nigerian staple. Jay is “fish and chips” a popular White British street food. Uncle Errol is positioning Jamicanness/West Indianness in opposition to Nigerianness/Africanness and biracial Blackness (that is divorced from any non-British Black identity). This joke acknowledges the deep cleavages and perceived differences between segments of the Black diaspora that American television isn’t informed enough to acknowledge. This is due to the visibility of Black immigrants in the U.K., yes, but also the lagging pace of American television to real world identities and concerns.

Black Diasporic Delineation: Youngers Clip #2

Uncle Errol kicks the Youngers out of his restaurant.

from Youngers (2013)
Creator: Benjamin Kuffuor; Levi David Addai; Channel 4
Distributor: YouTube
Posted by jheanelle brown