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Commentaries on this Media!

Camera Movement in "ER"

by Jeremy Butler

Multiple-camera programs have great difficulty shooting on a set with a fourth wall, but single-camera programs have more flexibility in this regard. The single-camera show ER (1994–2009) was shot on highly elaborate four-wall sets that spanned two normally separate sound stages. Its spinning camera movements frequently revealed the presence of all four walls and the camera would often travel through the corridors of the emergency room. In this case, as in most four-wall television sets, a set’s walls could easily be removed to provide more room for cameras, lights, or cast or crew members. In industry parlance, directors ask grips to “wild out” walls when they need more space. And, of course, single-camera productions also have the option of shooting on locations in real, four-wall hospitals, homes, offices, and so on. 

Camera Movement & 4-Walled Sets in "ER"

Single-camera shooting facilitates 4-walled sets and elaborate camera movement.

from ER (1999)
Creator: NBC
Distributor: NBC
Posted by Jeremy Butler