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Commentaries on this Media!

Editing Exercise: Variation 2

by Jeremy Butler

One of the best ways to understand the power of editing is to do it yourself by re-editing something. Take, for example, a 1959 Chevrolet commercial. In two minutes, it communicates a story solely through images, with no dialogue. If one rearranges its 44 shots, one can tell different stories and communicate different meanings. 

On the Television: Critical Methods and Applications companion Website, a disassembled version of this commercial—all 44 shots--will be made available as individual video files:

They’ll be bundled into zip and dmg archives for convenient downloading. Many low-cost video-editing applications—for both Mac and Windows computers—can readily import these video files and allow you to re-edit the commercial.

Here on Critical Commons, we've uploaded the original commercial and six variations. This clip is the second variation, in which the kids making faces at the mother and not at each other. 

Please search the clip library to find the variations.

Editing Exercise Using 1959 Chevrolet Commercial: Variation 2

Chevrolet station wagon commercial.

from Chevrolet Commercial: Variation 2 (1959)
Creator: Chevrolet
Posted by Jeremy Butler