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Commentaries on this Media!

Objective & Subjective First Person POV

by Isaac Rooks

This combination of clips illustrates what Dr. Drew Casper calls first person inside. Noé's film in told entirely from this point of view and offers a more contemporary (and critically respected) version of the kind of formalistic exercise seen in Robert Montgomery's 'Lady in the Lake' (1947). The first part of the clip shows an objective representation of the character's sight, going so far as to temporarily black out the screen when he blinks. The second part shows how a character's subjective experience can be represented, as the character's vision begins to blur and he begins to hallucinate. To greater or lesser degrees, both also demonstrate Edward Branigan's observation that these types of shots are less about seeing than difficulty in seeing.

Enter the Void - Point of View

A combination of two clips which demonstrate different elements of Noé's extreme use of first person point of view.

from Enter the Void (2009)
Creator: Gaspar Noé
Distributor: IFC Films
Posted by Isaac Rooks