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Commentaries on this Media!

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps commentary

by Steve Anderson

Although it is not representative of a vast majority of fanvids, this K/S video by Killa remains a classic of the slash genre, focusing on the relationship between Kirk and Spock in the original Star Trek series. This particular genre, of course, has a long history in written fan fiction, that was theorized by Henry Jenkins, among others, in his book Textual Poachers (1992). For a more complete overview of the history of fan vidding, which also includes many sample online vids, please visit the vidding page on 24/7: A DIY Video Summit

Test commentary 2

by TestUser1

This is another test commentary to delete later

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps remix

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K/S remix by Killa

from Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (2007)
Creator: Killa
Posted by Steve Anderson