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Die Hard 4 presidential montage

by Steve Anderson

In this otherwise formulaic installment of the Die Hard series, there is a remarkable example of remix video, selecting phrases from dozens of speeches from US Presidents from FDR to George W. Bush in order to deliver a terrorist ultimatum. The terror threat was ostensibly edited together by one of the terrorist geeks who wittily laments not having been able to include more clips of Richard Nixon. This technique of transforming the  meaning of presidential speeches via cutup became a staple strategy among politically motivated remixers during the 2004 presidential election. With this appropriation of the strategy and placing it in the hands of Internet-based hacker-terrorists, the filmmakers reinforce a narrative mendaciously associating media remixing with piracy and terror networks.

Live Free or Die Hard Presidential montage

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A terrorist threat is delivered via a cutup montage of Presidential speeches

from Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
Creator: Len Wiseman
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Posted by Steve Anderson