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Shatner says Get a Life

by How to Watch Television

In this classic skit from Saturday Night Live, William Shatner appears at a Star Trek convention, where he becomes frustrated by what he perceives as strange investment in his past TV work. Today encouraging and appropriating fan activity is more and more a part of how the TV industry does business, but this clip illustrates what were once prevalent assumptions about fans and their relationships to TV. What does the skit suggest fans are like? How are they, and/or their behavior, socially unacceptable?


by Kenneth Burke

As a Star Trek fan to the infinite power, I thought this was the funniest thing I ever saw. As for those Star Trek fans who did not like it, they truly should get a life.

Shatner takes on Star Trek Fans on SNL

In this Saturday Night Live skit from 1986 which exemplifies typical attitudes about fans of "cult tv", William Shatner encourages Star Trek fans to "get a life."

from Saturday Night Live (1986)
Creator: NBC
Posted by How to Watch Television