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NYPD Blue crosses an FCC line (or does it?)

by How to Watch Television

Though NYPD Blue had repeatedly incorporated nudity dating back to its pilot episode in 1993, this sequence from a 2003 episode led to a record fine in 2008, and a subsequent legal battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court. The series also pushed the boundaries of broadcast standards with language and descriptions of body parts never before uttered on primetime TV. This strategy had brought critical praise and helped distinguish it from other network television in an era of competition with cable networks. Jennifer Holt examines this landmark case in TV regulation in her essay in How to Watch Television.

NYPD Blue's Nude Awakening

This clip from ABC's NYPD Blue, which features partial nudity, became the center of a legal struggle over broadcast decency guidelines.

from NYPD Blue (2003)
Creator: ABC
Posted by How to Watch Television